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OralID Oral Cancer Screenings: Effective & Essential

Oral cancer is a serious condition that can affect anyone. Early detection plays a vital role in successful treatment and outcomes, which is why oral cancer screenings are a vital part of keeping you in perfect health. At Pearland Dental Group, our Pearland, TX, general dentists utilize an advanced oral cancer screening method called OralID®. 

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer or oral and oropharyngeal cancer, refers to the abnormal growth of cells in the oral cavity, including the lips, tongue, cheeks, and throat. It typically manifests as sores or lesions that do not heal, persistent pain, difficulty swallowing, or changes in speech. 

This type of cancer can be life-threatening if not detected and treated early. Oral cancer, if left undetected and untreated, can spread to other areas of the body and become significantly more difficult to manage. Fortunately, oral cancers have an impressive five-year survival rate if caught in the early stages. 


Risk factors of oral and oropharyngeal cancers include:


  • Tobacco use
  • Alcohol use
  • HPV infection
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Family history of cancer

The Benefits of Oral Cancer Screenings

Early detection is crucial when it comes to oral cancer. By identifying potential signs of oral cancer at an early stage, treatment can be initiated promptly, leading to better outcomes and a higher chance of full recovery. Regular oral cancer screenings, like those conducted at Pearland Dental Group using OralID, offer a range of benefits, including those listed below:


Early Detection and Treatment

By detecting oral cancer in its early stages, prompt treatment can be initiated. This increases the chances of successful outcomes, minimizes the need for invasive procedures, and potentially saves lives.

Prevention of Complications

Identifying oral cancer early on can prevent the disease from progressing and causing severe complications. Early intervention can help preserve oral function, maintain aesthetic appearance, and prevent the spread of cancer to other parts of the body.

Peace of Mind

Undergoing regular oral cancer screenings provides peace of mind for patients. By taking proactive steps to monitor their oral health, individuals can feel confident and empowered in their overall well-being.

Education and Awareness

Oral cancer screenings also serve as educational opportunities. Dental professionals can raise awareness about the risk factors associated with oral cancer, educate patients on prevention strategies, and provide guidance on maintaining optimal oral health.



OralID Oral Cancer Screening

OralID is a cutting-edge oral cancer screening method employed at Pearland Dental Group. This technology uses fluorescence to detect abnormalities in the mouth that may indicate the presence of oral cancer. By shining a special light into the oral cavity, the OralID device reveals potential areas of concern that may not be visible to the naked eye. This non-invasive screening method enables early detection and enhances the chances of successful treatment. OralID offers several significant benefits for patients including:


Enhanced Detection of Abnormalities

OralID utilizes fluorescence technology to detect potential abnormalities in the oral cavity. By illuminating the tissues with a special light, OralID can reveal areas of concern that may not be visible to the naked eye. This enhanced detection capability allows dentists to identify suspicious areas early on, leading to timely intervention and improved treatment outcomes.


Non-Invasive and Painless Screening

One of the major advantages of OralID is its non-invasive nature. The screening process is quick, painless, and does not require any special preparation. Dentists can easily examine during routine check-ups without causing discomfort to the patient. This non-invasive approach encourages regular screenings and ensures patient comfort throughout the process.


Efficient and Time-Saving

OralID offers efficient and time-saving screening sessions. The technology enables dentists to quickly assess the oral tissues for potential abnormalities. By streamlining the screening process, OralID allows dental professionals to examine more patients efficiently, leading to early detection of oral cancer and prompt initiation of appropriate treatment plans.


Improved Accuracy and Reliability

With its advanced fluorescence technology, OralID provides improved accuracy and reliability in detecting abnormalities. The device helps differentiate between normal and abnormal tissues, aiding dentists in making informed decisions regarding further evaluation or treatment. This enhanced accuracy reduces the chances of false positives or false negatives, ensuring a more reliable screening process.


Complementary to Visual Examination

While visual examination remains an essential part of oral cancer screenings, OralID complements this approach by providing additional information. The technology can identify potential abnormalities that may not be easily visible to the naked eye, allowing dentists to thoroughly assess the oral tissues. The combination of visual examination and OralID screening enhances the overall diagnostic capabilities, offering a comprehensive evaluation of the oral health status.

What to Expect During an OralID Cancer Screening


During your dental visit, your Pearland dentist will discuss the importance of oral cancer screening and address any concerns or questions you may have. This initial consultation allows you to understand the process and its significance for your oral health.



No special preparation is required for an oral cancer screening with OralID. It is a non-invasive procedure that can be seamlessly incorporated into your routine dental check-up. Simply ensure that you have maintained regular oral hygiene practices before your appointment.



The actual screening process begins with a visual examination of your oral cavity. Your dentist will thoroughly inspect your lips, tongue, gums, cheeks, and throat for any abnormalities, such as sores, red or white patches, or unusual growths. This visual examination helps identify any visible signs of oral cancer.


OralID Technology

As part of the screening, your dentist will utilize OralID technology. This involves shining a special light into your mouth, which causes abnormal tissues to fluoresce differently compared to healthy tissues. The dentist will carefully examine the fluorescence patterns to detect any potential areas of concern that may require further evaluation.


Further Testing and Biopsy

If an abnormality is detected during the oral cancer screening, your dentist may recommend additional testing or a biopsy for further evaluation. A biopsy involves taking a small tissue sample from the suspicious area for laboratory analysis. This step is crucial to confirm the presence of cancer and determine the appropriate treatment plan.


Patient Education and Follow-Up

Throughout the oral cancer screening process, your dentist will provide you with information and educate you about the risk factors associated with oral cancer, prevention strategies, and the importance of regular screenings. They will also discuss the results of the screening and any further steps, such as consulting an oncologist, that may be required. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as necessary to monitor your oral health and ensure ongoing care.

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of oral cancer screenings depends on various factors, including your overall health, lifestyle choices, and any pre-existing risk factors. It is recommended to discuss your specific needs with your dentist, who can develop a personalized screening schedule tailored to your circumstances.

While some risk factors for oral cancer, such as genetics, cannot be controlled, there are steps you can take to reduce your overall risk. These include avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption, practicing sun safety by wearing a lip balm with SPF, maintaining good oral hygiene, and getting vaccinated against the HPV virus if eligible. Additionally, it’s essential to attend regular dental check-ups and screenings to catch any potential signs of oral cancer early.

Oral cancer screenings are usually conveniently incorporated into your routine dental check-ups. Regular visits to your preventive dentist for check-ups and cleanings provide an excellent opportunity for your dentist to conduct an oral cancer screening. This ensures that your oral health is comprehensively monitored and any potential issues can be identified early on.

No, an oral cancer screening is not painful. It is a quick and non-invasive procedure that involves visually examining the mouth and using tools like OralID to detect any abnormalities. Your dentist will ensure your comfort throughout the screening process.

Schedule Your OralID Cancer Screening, Protect Your Health!

Early detection through regular oral cancer screenings is key to successful treatment and improved outcomes. By prioritizing oral cancer screenings, you can take proactive steps toward maintaining optimal oral health and peace of mind. 


Schedule your OralID oral cancer screening with Pearland Dental Group by dialing (281) 993-9900. You can also click the button below to schedule an appointment, and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly. Pearland Dental Group is here to help patients from Pearland and surrounding areas such as Fresno, Houston, Alvin, and League City, TX protect their oral and overall health, so they can live longer, happier lives.

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