Quickly and Affordably Restore Your Smile

Missing teeth can be a source of embarrassment and frustration, which can also impact your ability to eat and speak comfortably. Fortunately, dentures and partials offer a simple and affordable solution to restore your smile and improve your quality of life. At Pearland Dental Group, our skilled Pearland restorative dentists, Dr. Dave and Dr. Shah, can help you find the right denture solution to fit your needs and budget.

What are Dentures and Partials?

Dentures are removable false teeth worn in the mouth to replace missing teeth. They come in two types: partial dentures or partials, which replace a few teeth in an arch, and complete dentures, which replace all the teeth in an arch. Complete dentures are held in place by suction or adhesive, while partials are secured in place by hooking onto the adjacent healthy teeth. 

The Benefits of Dentures and Partials

There are many benefits of complete and partial dentures, including the following: 

  • Fuller Smile & Better Looks: Restoring your smile with dentures improves your appearance and self-confidence.
  • Better Eating and Speaking: Dentures improve your ability to eat and speak.
  • Restored Support: Dentures support the muscles in your face and in the case of partials, your remaining teeth. This helps to prevent misalignment in any teeth you have left as well as premature wrinkles. 
  • Comfort and Easy Maintenance: Both complete and partial dentures are easy to wear and easy to clean. 
  • Affordable: Dentures are relatively affordable solutions for missing teeth.

The Dentures and Partials Process


Before getting your dentures, you’ll attend an initial consultation with one of our Pearland dentists. During your consultation, your dentist will discuss your options and evaluate your oral health to determine the best treatment plan for you. This appointment is a great time to ask any questions you may have. 


Designing Your Dentures

If you’ve been approved for dentures, we‘ll take impressions of your mouth to create a model for your dentures or partials, and we’ll work with you to design the look and feel of your dentures.


Fitting Preparation

For complete dentures, you may have to have certain teeth extracted. Rest assured that if you need any teeth pulled, it will be done under local anesthesia and with the utmost care and gentleness. 


Fitting Your Dentures

Once your dentures have been created, you’ll return to Pearland Dental Group for a fitting. We will check to see if your dentures fit properly and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your comfort and ease of use.


Denture Care

It‘s important to care for your dentures to maintain their longevity and effectiveness. Our Pearland dental team will provide you with detailed instructions on how to properly care for your replacement teeth to ensure they last as long as possible.

Common rules to follow for denture care include the following:


  • Rinse dentures with water after eating to remove any food particles and debris.
  • Brush your dentures daily using a soft-bristled brush and mild soap or denture cleaner.
  • Don’t use toothpaste to clean your dentures as it can be too abrasive for dentures.
  • Soak dentures in a denture cleaner or water overnight to keep them moist and to remove stains and bacteria.
  • Avoid using hot water to clean or soak dentures as it can damage the material and cause warping.
  • Handle dentures with care, and be careful not to drop them. It’s best to hold them over a towel or sink filled with water to prevent damage if they slip from your hands.
  • Take care of your mouth by brushing your gums, tongue, and palate with a soft-bristled brush to remove plaque and promote good oral health.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for checkups and adjustments. Your dentist may recommend relining your dentures to ensure a proper fit and optimal function.
  • If you notice any cracks, chips, or other damage to your dentures, contact your dentist right away for repair or replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The lifespan of dentures and partials can vary depending on many factors, such as the quality of the materials used, the level of care they receive, and how well they fit your mouth. 


With proper care and maintenance, many patients find that their dentures or partials last for seven to 10 years before needing to be replaced. Your dentist can provide you with tips and guidance on how to care for your dentures or partials to help ensure that they last as long as possible.

Not at all. While it may take some time to adjust to your new dentures or partials, most patients find that they can eat and speak normally after a short period. Your dentist will ensure that your dentures or partials fit comfortably and securely, which will help to prevent any issues with eating or speaking.

No, you shouldn’t sleep with dentures in. It’s highly recommended that you remove your dentures or partials at night to allow your gums and mouth to rest. Sleeping with your dentures in can deprive your gums of necessary saliva, making them prone to irritation and infection. 

Yes, it is still important to maintain good oral hygiene even with dentures or partials. This includes brushing your gums, tongue, and any remaining teeth with a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste, as well as rinsing your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash. 


It’s also important to visit your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings, as they can help to identify and address any potential issues with your dentures or partials, as well as monitor your overall oral health.

Enjoy A Full Smile Again with Dentures and Partials!

Don’t let missing teeth hold you back any longer. Contact Pearland Dental Group today to schedule your consultation with our skilled restorative dentists. Pearland Dental Group is here to help patients from Pearland and surrounding areas such as Fresno, Houston, Alvin, and League City, TX enjoy a full and healthy smile once again.


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