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Losing an adult tooth can be an embarrassing, if not a traumatic experience. If you’re one of the over 178 million Americans missing at least one permanent tooth, you may be wondering how to replace it. Fortunately, there’s a multitude of restorative dentistry options you can choose from including dentist recommended dental implants. 


Dental implants remain the gold standard in tooth loss replacement due to the oral health and aesthetic benefits they offer over other restorations. Keep reading to learn about Pearland Dental Group’s implant dentistry services and why our Pearland implant dentists recommend this treatment.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are lifelike restorations composed of three parts:


  1. The implant is surgically inserted into your jawbone and fuses to it in a process called osseointegration, serving as the foundation for the restoration.
  2. The abutment piece connects the implant to the restoration. 
  3. The custom-made restoration replaces the lost tooth or teeth.


Modern dental implant restorations are designed in a way that mimics the anatomy of a natural tooth. After it’s set into the bone where the previous tooth was removed, osseointegration takes place and fuses the implant permanently into the bone. 

Benefits of Dental Implant Restorations

Implant restorations are the go-to method for tooth replacement recommended by most dentists due to the myriad of aesthetic and health benefits they offer. Some of those benefits include the following: 


  • Lifelike — Dental implants look, feel, and function, like natural teeth.
  • Stable — Implant restorations will never slip around or fall out of your mouth, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.
  • Prevents Misalignment — Dental implants return support to your remaining teeth, preventing mesial drift, which occurs when teeth shift out of place towards the front of your mouth, especially when there’s an empty space.
  • Prevents Facial Sagging — Your implant restorations will also restore support to the muscles in your face, preventing premature wrinkles.     
  • Prevents Loss of Jawbone Density (Resorption) — Implants mimic the root of a tooth, providing the stimulation your jawbone requires to rebuild itself so it remains healthy and strong. 
  • Lasts A Lifetime — With proper oral hygiene and regular dental exams with our skilled implant dentists, your dental implant restorations can last 20 years to a lifetime
  • Biocompatible Materials — The materials used in dental implants, such as titanium or zirconia, are easily accepted by the body. 
  • Versatile — Dental implant restorations can be customized to suit many different dental needs and come in the form of crowns and bridges or dentures

The Dental Implant Procedure

Initial Consultation

Before one of our Pearland, TX implant dentists can approve you for treatment with dental implant restorations, you’ll undergo an initial consultation. During your initial consultation, your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth, including digital X-rays, review your medical history, and ask you about your smile goals.


The information your dentist gathers will allow them to determine if dental implant restorations are right for you. Your dentist is also likely to suggest preliminary treatment of any underlying oral diseases to increase the chances of implant success. Preliminary treatment may include a supplemental procedure such as bone grafting or vertical sinus augmentation to ensure there’s enough bone matter at the future surgical site to support implants. 

Supplemental Procedures

Bone grafting is a process where your implant dentist surgically transplants bone tissue into the jawbone after it has experienced resorption. The extra bone matter will replace any lost bone, provide a stable foundation for the future implant, and will also help stimulate future bone growth.


Vertical Sinus Augmentation is performed to ensure your sinuses aren’t pierced when you receive upper arch dental implants. The process involves your Pearland, TX implant dentist making a small opening in the bone. Then, the sinus is pushed up vertically. The space is then filled with a bone graft followed by the dental implant. 

Designing Your Dental Implant Restorations

You and your dentist will both decide whether to go forward with the dental implant restoration treatment. If so and after all preliminary treatments are complete, we’ll take impressions and digital images of your smile. These will be sent to an offsite laboratory and serve as the blueprints for your custom-made dental implants.

Preparation For Your Dental Implant Restorations

To prepare your mouth for your new implants, we’ll apply a local anesthetic to the soft tissues around the surgical site so you stay pain-free and comfortable during your procedure. Once we’re sure your anesthetic is working, your Pearland implant dentist will perform any necessary tooth extractions

Installing Your Implants

Once your dentist determines you are ready, they will make small incisions into your gums and insert your implants. During the 3-6 month healing stage your dentist may recommend having a temporary crown, bridge or partial placed for esthetic purposes. Not everyone is a candidate for a temporary restoration, however. Your dentist will determine and inform you if you are one or not.

Installing Your Restorations

Once you’ve healed, you’ll return to our Pearland, TX office to continue your implant procedure. At this appointment, we will take a final impression so that your implant can be created to your needed specifications. After your implant is ready in 2-3 weeks, you will return so you can provide final approval before placement. Once your restoration is secure, you’ll be free to enjoy your new, fully restored smile!

Why Choose Pearland Dental Group For Implant Dentistry Services?

If you’re looking for the best implant dentist in Pearland, TX, then Pearland Dental Group is here for you. Dr. Dave has completed a general practice residency where he focused on implant dentistry and Dr. Shah earned her doctorate degree from the prestigious Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, MA. Our dentists value continuing education and staying on top of advancements in implant dentistry to provide quality, comfortable service to our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Good candidates for dental implants include non-smokers with healthy gums and sufficient jawbone density who are missing one or more teeth. The ideal candidate should also practice regular oral hygiene and be willing to visit our Pearland, TX office at least once every six months for regular dental exams. 


If your jawbone lacks density, your dentist may recommend supplemental procedures like bone grafting and vertical sinus augmentation to improve your chances of implant success. Rest assured that your Pearland implant dentist will evaluate your candidacy at your consultation and let you know about all of your options, so you can make a decision that suits your unique oral health needs. 

Dental implants tend to cost more than non-implant restorative options, due to the long list of aesthetic and health benefits they offer. However, we believe this long list of benefits makes implants well worth it. 


The exact cost of your implants will depend on numerous factors including how many implants you need, the type of restoration you’re getting, and your insurance. Our implant dentists and the rest of our team at Pearland Dental Group will work with you to help you find affordable ways to receive the best dental implants in Pearland, TX.

Dental implant restorations have an average success rate ranging from 95 to 98 percent with a small risk of complications. However, these complications are often easy to treat and exceedingly rare, especially when your dental implant placement is performed by one of our dental professionals, who are some of the best implant dentists in Pearland, TX. 

After your dental implant restorations are installed and you’re waiting for the surgical site to heal, there are certain foods, drinks, and behaviors you should avoid for at least a week to 10 days to ensure the healing process goes smoothly. During this crucial time, be sure to avoid the following:


  • Carbonation
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco products
  • Aggressive, excessive rinsing
  • Using straws
  • Spicy foods
  • Hard, brittle foods
  • Brushing with an electric toothbrush
  • Using a water flosser


Your dentist will provide you with more specific guidelines on what foods, drinks, and habits to avoid and how long to avoid them to guarantee you heal properly.

For The Best Dental Implants, Choose Pearland Dental Group

With dental implants, our Pearland implant dentists can help ensure you enjoy a beautiful, sturdy, and healthy smile for many years to come. If you’re interested in undergoing tooth replacement using the best dental implants in Pearland, TX, contact Pearland Dental Group by dialing (281)993-9900. You can also click the button below to fill out our contact form and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly. 


We proudly provide dental implant services to patients in Pearland, TX. We also serve new and returning patients from surrounding areas such as Fresno, Houston, Alvin, and League City, TX. We can’t wait to help you enjoy a fully restored smile!

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